NLM scheme

What Benefits Are Available In NLM Entrepreneurship Scheme?

In NLM Entrepreneurship Scheme 50% capital subsidy is provided for establishment of rural poultry farms including Hatchery and brooder cum mother unit, sheep/goat breeding farm, pig breeding farm, fodder value addition (i.e. Hay/Silage/Total Mixed Ration (TMR)/ Fodder Block) unit and storage unit . The maximum subsidy ceiling for different components varies from Rs. 25.00 lakh to Rs. 50.00 lakh.

Subsidy cap for various projects are as follows:

Poultry Project- Rs. 25 lakh

Sheep & Goat- Rs. 50 lakh

Pig- Rs. 30 lakh

Fodder – Rs.50 lakh

No subsidy will be provided for purchase of land lease/rent/Purchase of car for personal use/Office setting etc.

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